The UA WordPress Design Guide

Your Guide to a More Beautiful & Effective Website

Don’t just shuffle content around until it looks pretty.

With so many options to choose from regarding layout, blocks, images, and color, making website decisions can be overwhelming.

On this site, we hope to provide design and content guidance that empowers you to provide the best experience for your own users, and saves you time! We’ll continue to enrich this guide with additional content as we expand and enhance our offerings.

And don’t forget our complementary Technical Guide for more specialized WordPress documentation.

Don’t know where to start?

We offer regular Zoom training sessions for our Gutenberg WordPress Platform.


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Layout Examples

We’ve begun to build this section with layout examples of the new block styles we’ve developed. Our plan is to create a collection of page templates and block patterns that you can easily utilize for your own sites.

Content Strategy

A website is more than just attractive designs, in this section we aim to offer guidance on how to best organize your content. For now, we’ve moved over our content audit from the WordPress Guide.